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Redefining Digital Agreements between ‍Influencers and Businesses

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The Sponsee Ecosystem contains multiple products designed to revolutionise the way people live, work and play.

The ecosystem consists of business applications that connect businesses and clients for work related purposes as well as interactive multiplayer games that allow users to have fun with each other in our Sponsee ecosystem. All these products bring our community members close together in our goal to have an ever growing network of products across different fields, diversifying ourselves to thrive in all kinds of market conditions.

Meet the $SPE Token

What is Sponsee behind $SPE? : 
Singaporean Company with 7 Active projects 4 already released.
Quick info : 80+ Employees, App & Game Developments.
Apps released : JURY, Shilly, Sponsee, Startdust League
Coming soon : Neo Futuropolis
Why invest in $SPE? :
We aim connect our projects to $SPE, All with different market strategies to make sure we have positive movement in both bear & bull markets.
These includes the need of token to access app & game features but also automatic buybacks of the token $SPE.
What is transaction fee for $SPE?
3% on Buy & Sell, We aim to switch back our tax to 0% before large exchange listings.
Staking & Rewards in $SPE?
Our staking system is called JURY, It’s an voting platform where u can choose to lock tokens inside and help vote on questions and get rewarded for it.
We also have other community rewards such as Giveaways & Game Tournaments regularly.

Address: 0x522FB7e760a6d592b640353Cd971FA06532b630B


What are $SPE Tokens used for?

Proof of Stake

The primary consensus mechanism behind $SPE, we envision a decentralized community of supportive individuals who keep the ecosystem running smoothly.

Dispute Resolution

A token holder governed dispute resolution protocol we call JURY™ Protocol will provide solutions to 2 party disputes in a fair and decentralised manner.

Access to Ecosystem

The $SPE token is the gateway to the $SPE ecosystem. Token holders will be granted exclusive access to build their own apps on the ecosystem, leveraging our smart contracts.

Community & Governance

Owning $SPE tokens means owning a say in the future of our community. Participate in debates, voting events and suggestion boxes to ensure the success of the ecosystem.

SPE token

ContractChecker is Sponsee’s official audit partner. View the full smart contract audit here.

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