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Sponsee is a cross platform that connects gamers & streamers with game developers. Sponsee provides an integrated system with tools for users to create digital contracts, as well as assess partners through ratings and reviews from past collaborations.

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Stardust League


Free-to-play world’s first e-sport-ready anime game!

Action-packed multiplayer with beautiful customizable characters, skills & weapons.

PVP combat gameplay, with focus on reaction, attack combinations and strategy.

An expanding and rich world of stories and lore with character emphasis.

Lot of rewards and ways to spend your Stardust Gems.

Collaborative teamplay modes with free open world exploration.

League style leader board with reward driven tournaments and rankings.

Sponsee PTE. LTD. team is based in Singapore but we also have members from all over the world.



  • Company Legal Name:                         SPONSEE PTE. LTD.
  • Headquarter:                                       Singapore
  • Registration Number:                           202038064N
  • Registered Address:                             183 JALAN PELIKAT #B1-15
  • Person in charge:                                  Rupert Tan
  • Address:                                              100 Peck Seah St
  • Email:                                                  rupert@sponsee.sg
  • Tel No.:                                               +6591164906

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