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The SPON ecosystem is a decentralised ecosystem of platforms that facilitate digital contracts and agreements.


  • Tokenomics & Contract 
  • Token Migration
  • Token New Audit
  • Token Relaunch
  • Poocoin updatee


  • Coinmarketcap Listing & Update
  • Coingecko Listing & Update
  • Token marketing campaign
  • First token central exchange listing
  • Second token central exchange listing


  • Token Implementation Into Shilly
  • Token Implementation Into Sponsee App
  • Token Implementation Into Game 1


  • First 25 verified providers for Shilly
  • First large partnership Shilly
  • Shilly marketing campaign
  • Shilly Playbook


  • Sponsee app update

  • Sponsee app marketing campaign


  • Game 1 Community Release
  • Game 1 Video Trailer Release
  • Game 1 Release
  • Game 1 marketing campaign

July 2021

✅ Completion of smart contracts for milestone based verification system
✅ Completion of secure admin interface for no-code management of Sponsee application using Heroku & MERN stack
✅ Inclusion of security features to secure application (JSON web tokens and APIs)
✅ Consultation with industry experts to fine tune Sponsee application with regards to server scalability and security
✅ Contact social media influencers and small medium sized businesses in Singapore to lay the foundation for app launch as well as onboard early adopters
✅ Legal and administrative restructuring
✅ Phase 0 development of Shilly – Wireframing and requirement gathering

August 2021

✅ Internal mobile application stress testing
✅ Third party mediated AMA sessions for $SPON token and ecosystem releasedAMA sessions hosted by Sponsee for community
✅ Completion of Sponsee Mobile App (iOS & Android) and submission to App Store and Play Store
✅ Phase 1 development of Shilly – Login, Security, Backend, Database

September 2021

✅ Approval by App Store and Play Store for App Listing
✅ Token Migration work – smart contracts
✅ Governance module in development
✅ Team expansion – Transition to a full senior developer sprint team
✅ Website revamp – Split between App and Token sites
✅ Early adopters onboarding programme
✅ Telegram outreach via reddit
✅ App leak to community
✅ Phase 1.5 development of Shilly – Code Refactoring & Docker Integration

October 2021

✅ Full marketing campaign for app launch in Singapore (IG & Tik Tok)
✅ Youtube collaborations with macro level crypto influencers and mainstream content creators
✅ Sponsee App feature updates to improve scalability
✅ Sponsee Token Migration and Vesting options available to token holders

November 2021

✅ Pre Launch Marketing activities (Coinsniper/Reddit/Telegram/Twitter/Youtube/TikTok)
✅ DEX launch of $SPON
✅ Coinmarket Cap listing
✅ Coingecko listing
✅ Coinbase price listing
✅ Shilly Development Phase 2
✅ Corporate Restructuring Phase 1

December 2021

✅ Start reorganisation of Sponsee Dev Team
✅ Start reorganisation of Shilly Dev Team
✅ Launch of Sponsee Studios
✅ Finishing of JURY smart contracts and system
✅ JURY internal testing

January 2022

✅ Launch of JURY protocol
✅ Organisation of 2D Art team in Sponsee Studios
✅ Organisation of 3D Art team in Sponsee Studios
✅ Establishment of Sponsee Studios Game Dev Team
✅ Shilly database migration for scalability improvement

February 2022

✅ Continued team hiring and expansion
✅ Restructuring Sponsee Apps Backend Codebase
✅ Release of Alpha Gameplay demonstration for Game1
✅ 2D and 3D modelling of Sponsee game characters
✅ Work begins on Smart contract code for Game2
✅ Community building for Game1

March 2022

✅ Shilly internal beta testing
✅ Full blockchain integration for Shilly
✅ Full blockchain integration for Game1 and Game2

April 2022

✅ Shilly Sneak Peaks
✅ Continued team restructuring and expansion

May 2022

✅ Debugging and optimisation for Game 1
✅ Alpha gameplay sneakpeak for Game1
✅ Shilly marketing with launch partners
✅ Shilly first release

June 2022

✅ Tiktok Progress Logging for Game1
✅ Release of JURY version 2 with a new interface and user experience
✅ New character releases for Game1
✅ Alpha testing for Game1 and initial user onboarding
✅ Tiktok and extensive marketing for Game1