The world’s first fee-free platform for influencers and businesses.

Sponsee is a free-to-use platform that connects influencers (Sponsees) with businesses (Sponsors). This is the flagship app of the $SPE ecosystem. Sponsee provides an integrated system with tools for users to create digital contracts, as well as assess partners through ratings and reviews from past collaborations.

  • Free-for all Marketplace
  • Digital Contract System
  • Dispute Resolution
  • Unique Chat Function
  • Reviews & Ratings
Sponsee app


The web-based platform that connects crypto influencers with newly minted tokens.

Crypto marketing is a rapidly expanding industry, with plenty of opportunities to be tapped on. From Reddit marketing to chat moderation and influencer marketing, there’s a multitude of ways for newly minted tokens to rise in the world of blockchain. Shilly seeks to be at the forefront of these collaborations, and connect partners in an efficient, direct and decentralized manner.

  • Third Party Non-custodial wallet integration (Metamask/Trust Wallet)
  • Free-for all Marketplace
  • Digital Contract System
  • Dispute Resolution
  • Unique Chat Function
  • Reviews & Ratings

Stardust League

Stardust League is a free-to-play anime style multiplayer game that is currently available on PC/Mac/Linux, with plans to go cross platform mobile soon.

  • Intense PVP combat style gameplay, with focus on reaction, attack combinations and strategy
  • An expanding and rich world of stories and lore with character emphasis
  • Collaborative teamplay modes with free open world exploration
  • League style leader board with reward driven tournaments and rankings
  • Stardust League Webtoon

Neo Futuropolis

NEO Futuropolis is a gaming platform that combines the best of blockbuster hit Cyberpunk 2077 and GTA. Explore the mysteries of the cybernetic world alone or with your friends with the release of Sponsee Studio’s new open world NFT game NeoPolis. Players select a character to start with from 9 different factions, with wide-ranging concepts as diverse as Cyborg Animals and Daredevil Punks, to Battle Angels and Cyber Shamans.

  • Open world metaverse style gameplay
  • Three initial NFT mints (cars, apartments, auras )
  • PvP arena combats
  • Eight unique factions to play with


The JURY™ Protocol is a proprietary blockchain protocol that governs dispute resolution on all platforms on the $SPE ecosystem. This means that Token holders get to vote and decide on the outcomes of disputes on platforms. Our system also integrates proprietary smart contracts that train the protocol to perform classification tasks for dispute resolution outcomes. These smart contracts leverage Natural Language Processing and Supervised Learning.  Eventually, the JURY™ Protocol will be a self-sufficient system that provides dispute outcomes with a high degree of similarity to a human voter pool.

  • Dispute resolution
  • $SPE Rewards